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Google Plus Marketing-

Mostly people think to start a promotional campaign on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram but we have provided all details about other beneficial Social media platforms like LikedIn, Quora,Reddit, Pinterest etc. Now another most famous and important platform for the sharing or promotion of any website, Business or product is Google+. Let’s Read out about Google plus Marketing and how we can share or promote our Business, Website and how we can get huge traffics.

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We are going to tell you about SEO benefits of Google+, then you’ll immediately notice the importance of Google+.

Google+ is quickly becoming an essential part of any business social media strategy because Google+ has With over 150 million active users, and 50% of all users logging into Google+ daily and this number is sure to grow very Business and website’s growth quickly as Google is making a Google+ account mandatory for all Gmail users.

Follow the easy steps to create Business Google+ profile.

  1. Go to the Google+ for Business page to sign up and click on ‘Create your Google+ page’.
  2. Login with your personal Google account.
  3. Choose a category about your Business or website related.
  4. Once one of the four categories are chosen, submit the info that Google asks for.
  5. Then make a tagline and upload profile photo.

Then verify your name and Page which will help you to create more followers on Google+.

Use Tagline in Google+ to tell about your Page and company.

How you can promote your Business or website on Google+

Add Photos-

As we all know Photos are popular on Google+. Most popular posts photos on Google+ and to see this, go to the What’s Hot section and you’ll see pictures. The Photos give businesses a chance to show the people inside your company. You can post different types of photos related to your website or Business. There is no limit to the amount of photos you can have on your Google+ page. So add more photos related to your product,community,Website etc.

Update Status-

The goal is to provide value and engage with users. They follow you because they are interested in your company or Website. Post some valuable content to help the user who is following you. Constantly pushing product will make people unsatisfied and they will unfollow you.

Share your posts with following circles-

Google+ Circles – Google+ Circles allows you to attach with your entire contact list into different categories, or “Circles.” So if you want, you can have a family,coworkers,friends circle. You have to create more and more circles to promote your Business or website.

Google+ Communities – If you’re familiar at all with Facebook Groups or LinkedIn Groups, then you’ll recognize the Google+ Communities feature as it’s pretty much the same. Communities are just like Groups – they consist of a group of members joined together by one subject.

Google+ Collections – Collections is a feature that allows you to share group together content.

It may also be helpful to tag other Google+ pages in your post.

If you want to promote any product or brand, then offer discounts. Offer limited time discounts and see what kind of response you get. People are following you because they are interested in what you do. So give relevant and valuable information.

So in the end, we can say that google+ is the very strong social Media platform to share good posts or to promote your website or webpage. You can take our company’s services to get good Results.

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