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Example - Here is an Example of what you will Receive!

1 Can more than ONE Person Buy the same Package?
NO! ONLY you will receive the keyword research package! These are exclusive packages that will never be re-sold!
2 Can you Create the Content for ME?
YES! We have the option to combine two fantastic services, Niche Wolf and Content Refined, to get world class content created for you!
3Can you Build the Site for ME?
YES! We have a unique arrangement with that allows you to get the site created based on this keyword research!
4HOW MANY Keywords are in each Package?
In each pack there is 30 keywords. That 1 main keyword niche with 5 keyword silos with 6 article titles/keywords for each!
5Do you Offer REFUNDS?
NO, since we do not resell these packages we do not offer a refund. However, we have years of working delivering services like this and ALWAYS deliver what we say we will or provide a refund and if for any reason you are not happy we will work with you to ensure you are happy!
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