Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing-

Do you want to improve your Business or want to promote your Brand or product this article will help you a lot to understand about Pinterest Marketing.

Like Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Google+ Pinterest is also the best platform to promote your Business,Website or any brand.

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Pinterest Marketing & How it works-

Pinterest pins are 100 times more effective and spreadable than a tweet. Same as for Facebook, the half-life of a pin is 1,6000x longer than a Facebook post. So you can see how Pinterest has become the biggest plateform for business marketing.The real strength of Pinterest is the integrated features of their business accounts. On Pinterest more than 500,000 Business Accounts are active and you’ll get new marketing features to promote your brand because Pinterst is the one of the fastest growing social media platforms.

If you don’t have a Pinterest Business Account, or want to create a new account for Business account then do it now after reading the Terms of Pinterest Services because the terms of services are a little bit different for a business. The difference comes from the fact that you are using the account commercially.

We advise all the users to follow the below given guidelines-

Don’t promote spam, Don’t “run a sweepstakes where each pin, Don’t run contests or promotions.

All the Pinterest Business Account holders follow the Webinars and resources for small businesses and also check the Pinterest Blog to stay updated and get some basic tips.

Use Pinterest Analytics-

To improve your marketing Pinterest Analytics is one of the newest and most awesome features. When your account will be verified you may get access to important tracking information. You’ll be able to see which strategies and content work for your Marketing.

All Pinterest users can use the different types of Rich Pins which are all loaded with more information than your average pin for serious sales power. They include real-time price and stock updates, direct links to your site.

In upcoming Time Pinterest has promised some new tools only to business accounts. You can stay updated by joining the Pinterest newsletter.

How to Create Popular Pins-

We promised to all the users that if they will work properly their pins can get the better kind of engagement but first need is to execute them right.

Pinterest also described as a visual search engine. So, keep in mind to right accurate and post it properly on your business Instagram account, so it may come in search. Remember if it is not searchable, then it won’t be found or seen.

So before posting pinning thin about what your followers are searching for, and also learn how to create popular pins. ON Pinterest The University of Minnesota’s Pinterest 80% of users are female and men are starting to catch the Pinterest bug. In the past year, the number of male users has become doubled.

Pinterest categories-

Images that Work-

While sharing a pin use the effective images in your Post because it will make your Post valuable

Optimal Pin Size-

All pins have the same width, with an unlimited length. A good size to shoot for is 736×1102 pixels for a typical pin.

After sharing a fantastic pin, It is a whole other game to get it seen and shared. No one is going to find your pin if you don’t optimize it for engagement.

Best Times to Pin-
Another remember able thing is the timing for your post sharing. The best time to pin depends on your target audience’s habits, according to Social Fresh, on average, the best times to post are 2PM – 4PM EST and 8 PM – 1 AM.

Make It Easy to Pin Content from Your Sites

Add a hovering Pin It button to any image on any of your sites or your phone app through Pinterest directly. Or, if you use WordPress, there’s a Pinterest Pin It Hover button plugin.

These simple-to-integrate buttons direct your site visitors to either check out your Pinterest account or actually pin your site’s content on their own accounts. If you don’t have these buttons, there is little chance your site will bring ANY interaction with your Pinterest account.

SEO for Pinterest-

If you want to promote your Pinterest Business Account you have to use some SEO strategy to get your pins discovered by the targeted audience.

  • You can optimize your Account by just following these steps-
  • Research keywords. Use the Googles Best Tool for Keywords Research which is Google AdWords Keyword Planner. You can find popular keywords related to your business and your pins.
  • Then add your keyword/keywords in your pin titles.
  • Then add your keyword/keywords in your pin image file names.

I think this information is enough to understand the Pinterest Marketing strategy, how it works and its effects on your business, Website or promotion on any brand. If you still not confirmed about any information then you may take our team’s help by contacting us and by taking our services.

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