Private Blog Network

Private Blog Network (PBN)

Want to learn all about Private Blog Network (PBN), Its Advantages and how it works then in this article all important details are given.

What Are PBNs?

PBNs are assumed as a shortcut method to get high-quality backlinks in large quantities in less time.

Private Blog Network (PBN) is set of Small Websites with quality content and these websites provide links to your Main Website from where you make sales or money through advertising. When any website gets so many backlinks from web 2.0 properties it automatically boosted up and the main website comes in top ranking very soon and get huge traffics.

How and Why does a PBN work?

The Top search Engine ranking factor is the no. and quality of backlinks a website has. If your website has many backlinks it will come higher in search ranking in comparison to other websites. The backlinks that a website has will determine whether it ranks at the top of page 1 or at the bottom.

Once you have great content, then you need some fresh backlinks to your content so your website came in top ranking in all search engines. People ran some campaigns to get backlinks and traffics but the conversion rate for such campaigns is low.

The other issue with outreach is that you are not in control of the Anchor text or the content surrounding the link that you get. You can end up with random anchor text or with links at the bottom of the page and not surrounded by quality content and there is nothing you can do about it.

If you choose PBNs, you are in control of the linking of your own the website. You can, therefore, choose the right anchor text, the right content, and placement of the link also. Once you’ve created on PBN website and linked to your money site, you will know all about it.

SEOs who use PBNs often create a 1000 website network over time that they completely control. They then hand-tweak the anchor texts and link velocity to “naturally” rise in the rankings.

Advantages of Private Blog Network-

  1. Control: PBN is the biggest benefit of holding control over Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website. No Other link building method can give you such freedom to control the SEO. You can dictate the anchor text to your main website so that it can get a higher rank in search engine keyword by keyword.
  2. Authority Transfer- When you have a minimum of 10 content oriented small blogs or websites with almost 10 or 20 articles per website. You can easily divert that authority and trust to your main website with great proportion. This will help you a lot to make a growth in your search rankings.
  3. Higher SERP- When No. of higher authority blogs Redirect their trust and authority to your blog using anchor text backlink. The fact is that, Your Main website’s Search engine ranking will rocket to top 10 positions but all this depends on No. of blogs in your network.
  4. No Outreach and Networking- Once you have your own network, you don’t need to send emails or build any kind of relationship with other webmasters in your niche. I would recommend to build relationship with them and get additional links to your website. It will help you for no Begging of Link exchange.

So this information is enough to know about what is PBN? Its works, Advantages etc. If you want to create your own PBN then contact us, we will help you to do this in a easy way. Our team will help you a lot because client’s satisfaction is our motto.


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