Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing-

Want to learn basic or complete Twitter Marketing?? Want to earn money or want to run your Business through Twitter marketing then this web page has everything that will clear all your doubts.

Like Facebook, Twitter is also most popular among all youth and all age people. Twitter has more than 313 million monthly active users, which makes it a great platform for most marketers.

Twitter is a very simple marketing platform. You have 140 characters to make a good impression. you have to focus on those 140 characters and start seeing all of the more advanced opportunities, you’ll find that those short tweets you send out can set you up for a lasting impression.

Starting up a Twitter page for your company is easy. You can make your business page, upload their profile photo, fill out bio and send out first Tweet. But it’s not so simple to attract people to your Twitter page.

Use the Right Hashtags

If you want to get noticed, add hashtags that give your tweets context. It’s important to use correct hashtags.

Add Images for Shared Links

It’s no surprise that tweets with images stand out and get more engagement than tweets without images. So don’t forget to use right images in your tweets.

Let’s learn about the Twitter marketing and how it works-

Some marketing techniques like use hashtags, speak with your followers, listen more than you talk all are old now. we are sharing some advanced Twitter marketing techniques that will really help your Twitter account to take off.

With your Twitter account, you can run your Business on the next level. You have to follow some twitter marketing strategies. You can use the links of your website or webpage in your Tweets because the followers will directly go to your next web page.

Twitter has been working constantly to update their service. First came pictures in tweets, then video, and now, finally, GIFs are on Twitter. The most important medium for software companies right now may be these new GIFs, as you can quickly show, without the data problems of video.

How to Use Your Followers on Twitter-

You have to publish new features videos for your followers regularly because people who follow your company, they really love a particular piece of software, service, or feature of yours. They will work extra hard to promote you.

You can Work with both of these crowd influences by creating specific content for them and giving them @mentions in your tweets.

You can also send them a direct message to see if you can work together on anything further.

Use Twitter’s List function:

Twitter’s List feature can help you locate influencers by finding people who retweet, favorite, and reply the most often. By this you will get a idea about to whom you should target.

Create rewards-

You can work to reward specific followers who you find to be crowd influencers.
You can work with all your followers to promote a Twitter exclusive promotion

or start a Twitter Contest

The simplest way I’ve seen this done is software companies simply sending out a tweet that says something like: “@Mention a friend in the replies below to be entered into our contest for the New Software. #companycontest.” This is how new fans can find a company easily. Their followers do the work for them!

You can get to Twitter Advanced Search by first entering search terms in the search bar along the top. On the results page, you will see a menu on the left-hand side. At the bottom, you will see the “Advanced Search” tab. Click on it to discover all the features of Advanced Search.

Follow your competition: Not only will you and your competitors share followers, you’ll also share interests and passions. With all of your similarities, why wouldn’t you follow the competition and see what they’re up to?

To give an example of how it works, let’s say you’re a software company that has a new product launch for photo editing software coming up. First, you go to the Words field and enter a phrase like “best photo editing software”:

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